Johnny's Friday - The script for an audio role play read by Johnny J. Hammer (Johnny Jackhammer)

An Audio Role Play Reading

Recorded Live on Isoellen Writes Grown Up Story Time

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Johnny buys his girlfriend flowers, takes her out, and gives her all the loving she can take. When she wants to give back, they stay in and she gets all the loving HE can take. Starting with her on her knees.

There she is.

It is Friday, and I have been waiting all fucking week for this.
Last time we talked it was Tuesday night. Monday was shit. Tuesday no better. Then I had to make a run out of town I did not want to make. Angry about the whole situation – but she told me to do the job, do it well and not kill anyone, and I would get a reward come Friday.

I could have whatever I wanted. 

She knew, saying that, exactly what would go through my head.  Dates, dinners, going out, I did all that shit for her when I could.  We did what she wanted. But when it was me, we didn’t leave her place. We stayed in. 

She loves going out. End of the night I get to love her until she can’t take no more. 

We stay in, I get the whole fucking night and I get to love her until I can’t take no more.

Week of not seeing my girl and I was going to break her bed again. Laughing our asses off last time, we’d managed piece it back together with this and that.  I knew this time I would be paying for a new bed. No getting around that.

Not that I didn’t like the idea of breaking in a new one.

Now it’s Friday, my Friday. I’ve done the shit. Washed and ate before I came, I’m ready to get what she promised me.  I use the key, open the door, lock it behind me. It’s only seven but the apartment is dark.  It’s a small, tight place. Her bedroom door is open a crack and there is light on there.  Bright and white.
I like to see her and she knows it.  Don’t care nothing about her discomfort at her body.  I don’t have time for her wrong-headed ideas about belly fat, too big ass and imperfect tits.  We dealt with that our first time getting naked.  Second time I heard it I pulled her over my lap and tanned that fine ass of hers until she got the lesson.

I like what I see when I look at this girl.  Just the smell of her gets me hard, her laugh makes me want to cum.  My  work -hard hands on her soft, pale skin turning it. makes all the blood dip so far south I can’t think beyond fucking her hard until our skin slaps out it’s own special rhythms.

I push open the door and see her. 


Room is clean. Tidy. Lights are bright.

And there my girl is.  Facing me. On her knees.  On the floor. Hands behind her back.  Chin up. Her fine breasts on display.  Her dark hair is loose and easy down her back.  Her face is washed clean of make-up. Except for her shiny lips.  She knows how I like the strawberry shit she puts on.

Strawberries and flowers. Cause she’s showered too. And that smell.  I’m gonna dirty up that smell with my own and this room is gonna smell like our pleasure. 

“Baby. This. This is so, so nice. You do this for me? You sure you ready for everything I want?”

Her eyes shine. She smiles at me.  Tells me she is ready.  Moving her head just a bit, a curl of hair falls over her shoulder and dips over her breast brushing the hard point of her nipple. 


This. This is perfection.

“On the bed. Ass up. Facing Me.”

I watch her scramble. The flash of wet pink between her thighs as she moves.  The way her hair flys and her tits bounce and the slight shake in her ass.

My empty hands burn.

She doesn’t like the spankings half as much as I do. But the spanks keep her from going off too soon and calm her ass down, make her keep pace with me so that we cum when I say and not whenever the hell she feels like it. 

And I just like spanking her.  The way her flesh moves. Like it a fuck lot.

Like everything. “That’s my good girl,” I say. And I watch as those words travel all through her body.  The blush that starts at her neck, her hips twitch.  I swear I can see her pussy swell.
I undress. Shuck my shit quick. 

She squeaks. I pull her to the end of the bed, get on my knees and get the first part of my reward. My hands are on her skin first.  Filling up my hands with all the sweet and soft that I can find. 


She makes little noises.  Sweet little noises. Tells me she missed me. Says my name.  Voice rising in anticipation as I just touch, look and smell what was mine. 

This was mine. 

I soak it all in, waiting until I see her want trickle between her pussy lips. This girl gets so hot, so easy. But she has no patience. Makes her more fun to play with. 

I pet her. Just a little. Lightly. Trace her vulva with my fingers.  Leave her clit alone.  Listen to her sounds climb high.

 “You are so beautiful. This Ass. This body. You. All of you. To give me this.” I speak against her skin, my cheek against her thigh so that she feels the heat of my breath.  She’s arched high, wanting what I’m gonna be giving her. 

I say, “Thank you for this.  For giving me the gift of you. Been a long week. Every time something went wrong, and I wanted to kill someone I thought of you. Calmed me right down.  Thought of your gift.

“And I walk in and see you like that.  Ready for me?  That is the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life. You are such a brave girl.  So proud of you. So glad for you. I am gonna eat this sweet pussy that you got already for me.  That is wet and swollen for me.  You want that right. My mouth on you?”

Her body shakes Her head turns to look at me and she is all pink with her blush and her hunger. I love how her face looks like that when she is turned on.

Had to school her there too, cause she called it her ugly sex face. Ugly? Ugly?  This girl. She’s got some ideas but we talked and now she knows. She understands she’s delicious head to toe and that I want all of her.  That the more bold and brave and real she is, the more I want her. 

She says my name. Breathless. Begging.


Hot, that she wants what I want. That she will take whatever I give her. “You are gonna be my good girl?”

More noise. Sounds like yes and please.

I kiss her thigh. Sink my teeth in light. Suck. Then move into the first part of my reward. The first part of my Friday night and a long, perfect weekend. 

Fuck yeah.  All weekend. Every part of her.  Mine.

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    More please. That was amazing!


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