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I used to write poetry when I was young and full of feeling.  When the angst ran high, and the days had few obligations.  Shaping words in to powerful, emotive little phrases. 
Creating pictures.  Telling stories in lines.  
Being on twitter has revived that; there is a whole subsection there of men and women who tell the most beautiful poetry. 

If You Were Mine


Beautifully shared by : Beddy Zero

If you were mine
You would have to never ask
My arms are always open, 
my lips always ready, need always begging
My answer a brand pressed on your lips
For you I am dew stung petals
I am new song in the dark
I am treasure found in secret
I am ever yes,
Ever yes and absolutely

 If you were mine,
You would always have my eye,
 Be gravity for my center,
I would always put you first
stop what I was doing
To respond to your every thirst

If you were mine
Your voice against me, the string to my violin,
The song I always dance to, the ballad I always sing.
I would listen quiet when you shared
 your darkling dreams when you unpeeled them
Your memories when you unlocked them
Your lyrics when you wrote them.

I’d take you deep into my every crevice
where all the secrets live
Where hurts are raw and naked
And shadows lurk in groaning abscess
Where I neglected to forgive

I’d let you see all the night scape
Let you replace screams with your echo
Graft your skin into my scars
Take my fight upon your shoulders
Break the lies like chains and wire
Take your hand and  learn to fly.
Meet your eyes and dance in circles
Arch back into your strength that catches me
Your trust that ever stretches me.
If  only you were mine
If you were mine.
If you were mine.

If you were mine


Readers coming soon

If you were mine,
You would never have to ask.
My arms are always open, my lips always ready,
A hungry answer to your need,
Sharing taste and touch.
I am your symphony in the dark.
I am warm hands accepting all your secrets.
I am ever yes,
Ever yes and absolutely.

If you were mine,
You would always have my eye,
Be gravity for my center,
I would always put you first.
Stop what I was doing.
Lay down the work at hand,
Look clear and now at your face,
Respond to your first word.

If you were mine,
Your whisper against me, the muse to all my purpose.
The glory sounds a wave in my ears.
I would listen quiet when you shared,
 your darkling dreams when you unpeeled them,
Your memories when you unlocked them,
Your lyrics when you wrote them.

I’d take you deep into my everything,
Offer muscle, bone, blood and soul.
Share the words I’ve given no one else,
Trust you with fear I have not conquered,
Open the door of all regret,
I’d let you see into my depths.
Paths where I never tread,
Let you replace the yesterdays
With tomorrows ever after.

Graft your skin into my scars,
Take your softness into hard,
Sink deep in the bliss of you,
Take your hand and learn to fly.
Meet your eyes and dance in circles.
Bring you back into my shelter,
Embrace the promise of your home.
Your trust that ever stretches me.
If only you were mine
If you were mine.

If you were mine.

On the Right
Step forward.


On the left

as I stand

By another's demand

Step forward

Chosen walk mocking

Alone caught watching

I stand

Heart hurting

Body rocking
Raw knocking
With no command

With no command
Time breaking
As I stand

No Return

Can't go back, Can't relive
Can't find what, I never had
Can't be what, I never was.
And it tears at me
A regret I never earned
A loss I never owned
A memory I never lived.
So I pull words
Through the gaping tears
Give them life and 
give them air.
The words become one whole
front to back and beginning to end
the story I can sell. 

I feel alive when you touch my face,

When you aren't afraid to see me, So close I can breathe you Fingers on my chin, Eyes looking deep I feel alive when you touch my face. Lips on mine, everything I can taste. Do it again.

Darkness branded - shaped her bones
carved her core - to darkish tones.
Light loved her - saw her true
but never named her or owned her due.
Darkness embedded -habit deep netted

Light did see her But darkness lead her through.

Fear was a wild thing

She fought it

tamed it, made it her pet
Brought it home, gave it a bed
At the step of the door where fear was led.
And never did another tread
They saw only fear
Trapped by wild things that lives in their heads

And never the bed

You draw your finger down

A match against my skin.

You lean in close, I inhale sweet.

You kiss my eye at the corner, whisper beauty words.

You voice is

Avalanche and rockslide

Disaster and crisis.

Making me forget

You can always call my flame and you will always

walk away.

Old Man Fear

Old man fear
With his beard down to his knees
Came a creeping, crawling
Down my country street.
He carried bags in knuckled hands
The two weights heavy and death laden
dragging in the dirt.

I watched him stop and open one
pull a rock from its internal hell
A grey and ordinary river stone
As big as a human skull.
He passed it to my neighbor in her yard
Who froze to see him standing there
He handed her the dark round rock
As if she’d been waiting for his special care.

She took it in both her hands
A silent scream caught in her mouth.
She brought it to her heart and chest
And bowed around the simple rock
As if he’d given her gold and treasure best.
She clutched it tight to her heart,
Instead of letting loose.
Didn’t sleep, or eat, or answer calls,
refused to release its draining toll,
The weight of it a burden to her soul.
She held fear’s gift with all her might,
Could see no other way.
Frozen in her garden now,
Her family confused and lost.
Fear came by to check on her,
Daily with his hungry creeping, glee.

Watching this I could stand no more
I crossed the boundaries of our yards
An idea to free her of her burden.
I prized her rock from  weakening arms
I took fears gift she held so tight
She screamed at me in rage and woe,
Warned me she would die.

Standing in her yard
Not moving forward or backwards
Forgetting all the life around her
Garden, joy and family
The stone she held, froze her and stole her
From all the life she’d ever lived.

I forced the rock from her hands,
Could see the scar it left behind.
I threw the rock as far as I could
Not wanting to be caught up in its bind.
I told her fear gives no gifts and leaves no treasure
Only aches behind. I warned her never take his gift again
She wept and thanked me,
Went to her home.
Found peace and warmth and joy

Until old man fear came down the street again
With his beard down to his knees
Came a creeping, crawling
With his bag of treats.
New each day, these heavy weights
Skull shaped stones made to drain the day.

And freeze a person in one place. 


If I could climb him I'd press myself around him Inhale him - The way one inhales memory. If moon touched wonder Set free all the restless intoxicated fever dreaming - Of sweat touched skin And pleasure river streaming. Thoughts unfettered and set free - Those better left caged are received with reverent, soft, tight welcome wet to wet and open to open. Boundaries broken, undenied From night thoughts to seduction tide And moon rises, horizon low, Into an tethered, pulsing, ride. If I could climb him Press my senses close, I'd let the moon touch seize me and Reside inside sweet, hot delight Deep in this fantasy. But my climb is broken I can only live in dreams. With hypnotic moon far from reach the tormenter of false memories. It is not for me to want or climb, Not for me to boundaries rupture, Not for me to dream this dream. Not for me to climb and ride.

 It is the frustration of denial - the longing for the impossible -for that one I can't have.  - For possibilities unraveled A hundred what ifs - cast out like handfuls of seed. And none of them finding fertile ground. Seed that is full to capacity with fever dreams. You are temptation because you looked back. For just a moment. When you should not have - And tight-bounded bag of seed I'd been carrying and adding to all my life has sprung a leak - Every day I patch it up And every night it leaks anew. Years of seed - packed with every forbidden desire, every adventure not lived, all the control not released. Every no I ever got - became seed waiting for a yes. But you can give me no yes. Your ground is owned by other masters. Your goals are claimed by other vows. Poor man - all you did was look back and glimpse me. Trip over my baggage. See the woman hiding. You are decent. You have this incredible heart and I won't shred it more with demands it can not answer. You are an easy habit - It is good there is no place to take root - to let any of that mad, insane, wild seed grow.

I hurt for the touch. One touch. Lonely for the hand. One hand Star crossed pleasures, Dark dreams unmeasured, That one sex, drenched day I never got to treasure.

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